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Thursday, January 14, 2010

so far so go so what so go fuck yourself

working for TCB today. at a crust show literrally phoning this post
in. I love being at work at a punk show. it feels like breaking the

I woke at nine.
I had at single cup of coffee.
worked out on the rollers.
had a recovery shake then a casein shake cause I have no food in my house.
split a chiken breaast $5 dollar ft long btw lunch and dinner.
delivered some shit.
sat in the back at a crust show where I knew none of the bands and blogged

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New post day today, now EVERY DAY!!!!

I am gonna post here something every day for the rest of my life if it fucking kills me.

So today:
I woke up late. 9 am. Drank two cups of coffee.
Ate breakfast of two eggs and 24g casein shake.
Interneted/watched an old episode of Law & order: SVU on netflix.
Went to my gf's bank to deposit money into her account. She's away at track camp and I miss her. And she ran out of cash. Again.
GYM TIME!!! FS 230# 3x5, DBBP 100#!!! 3x5 DL 360 1x5 Listened to Sepultera and Pantera. Scraped my shins.

Rode my bike to Berkley City College figure out that I had fucked up enrolling for this semester. Ate some Drunking Thai noodle w/ chicken.
Rode back to my house in the Oakland hills. Slowly. My hamstrings from the DL's.....
Digested an entire season of This American Life.
Ate dinner of chicken breasts and brussels sprouts w/olive oil.
Talked to the owner of Rhea's Deli about the map and menu printing. TCB's first restaurant client.
Listened to my Euro landlord yell at his retarded daughter.
Wrote this shit.