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Sunday, August 22, 2010


up till 3 in the goddamn friday night working on velocity flyers, woke up early to make copies to hand out at bike swap, saw a buddy from australia at bike swap, bought 3 track chainrings and a 29er wheel for $63, ate 3 carnitas tacos, loaded goldsprint equipment, picked up keg, picked up cargo bike, kinda helped set up/run gold sprints, picked up cargo at burning man fashion show, delivered pizza to DAVID CASSIDY, still on cargo bike delivered up to noe valley, while decending on cargo bike with bad brakes almost hit GARY FISHER who was running a red without lights looking like a steam punk headed to burning man, loaded up gold sprint equipment, picked up half empty keg, ate salad, dropped off keg and cargo bike, ran into ex co workers twin brother and had longish convo before realizing he wasn't his brother, finally getting weirded out by the literally 19 tranny hookers in the last three blocks up larkin to my house.

and the weekend's only half over. district track championship madison here I come.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010



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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Today rain, tomorrow the world.

Today is a rainy one in Oakland. I am pretty devoid of all motivation today. I have a job interview at Equinox tomorrow for personal trainer. A job I don't want. I am supposed to dress business casual for the interview. Blah. As I write this I find that Cherie Lily, Andrew W.K.'s wife teaches at the same Equinox I worked at in Manhattan. It's a little motivating.

Meanwhile, TCBC is starting to work. We have one restaurant client, Rhea's Deli, and they are starting to get a consistent flow of delivery traffic. Two more prospective clients, Brain Wash and Lil' Skillet have us on follow up meetings next Wednesday. So the possibility for more work from them is a good thing, unless I get a job...

I am teaching Spin classes at a yoga studio, Hot Body Fitness in San Leandro. Kinda sucks for the commute and the pay they give me, but it is better than nothing.

I guess I will go squat or something.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ok so that last little expiriment was an obvious failure...

So I spend the day today "resting" or eating an entire bag or Oreo's and watching as many episodes of Lost as I can get my head around on the Netflix Watch Now.

Rest is essential since November I have been squatting heavy progressing to 3x3 sets over 300#, front squatting 5x3 250#. I power cleaned 215# for 1 twice. My lifting is progressing. Hence my resting is key. I have really spent this time while I have been marginally employed here in Oakland to rest as much as I could while lifting around 3 times a week focusing on building my strength base, something I had never done. I figured I had ridden enough in the last seven years of being a working cyclist plus training had given me enough muscle memory to take a couple months off cycling. In fact I should while I could.

My ladyfriend is in great shape currently. She raced in LA this weekend, got second twice. She should have won the omnium at the track (evidence below) but was denied. She has attended two USAC training camps and is in race shape. I am a little worried that she is too fit too early, but its too late to cross train or take a break, she'll just have to kick ass till Natz.

Thats it right now. More later.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

so far so go so what so go fuck yourself

working for TCB today. at a crust show literrally phoning this post
in. I love being at work at a punk show. it feels like breaking the

I woke at nine.
I had at single cup of coffee.
worked out on the rollers.
had a recovery shake then a casein shake cause I have no food in my house.
split a chiken breaast $5 dollar ft long btw lunch and dinner.
delivered some shit.
sat in the back at a crust show where I knew none of the bands and blogged

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New post day today, now EVERY DAY!!!!

I am gonna post here something every day for the rest of my life if it fucking kills me.

So today:
I woke up late. 9 am. Drank two cups of coffee.
Ate breakfast of two eggs and 24g casein shake.
Interneted/watched an old episode of Law & order: SVU on netflix.
Went to my gf's bank to deposit money into her account. She's away at track camp and I miss her. And she ran out of cash. Again.
GYM TIME!!! FS 230# 3x5, DBBP 100#!!! 3x5 DL 360 1x5 Listened to Sepultera and Pantera. Scraped my shins.

Rode my bike to Berkley City College figure out that I had fucked up enrolling for this semester. Ate some Drunking Thai noodle w/ chicken.
Rode back to my house in the Oakland hills. Slowly. My hamstrings from the DL's.....
Digested an entire season of This American Life.
Ate dinner of chicken breasts and brussels sprouts w/olive oil.
Talked to the owner of Rhea's Deli about the map and menu printing. TCB's first restaurant client.
Listened to my Euro landlord yell at his retarded daughter.
Wrote this shit.