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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My brain hurts.

I am off to LA today. I have a very bad hangover from too many margaritas at Elote. I want to sleep more but I can't, that's how bad I feel.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Grace, G.I. Jane's, max hight Jump

grace 4:17 (30 reps clean & jerk 135 lbs)
20 GI Jane 1:22 (burpee into pullup)
max height seated box jump 46" (just like in the video below)

I'm your private dancer, dancing for money. Do what you want me to do....

I am back to this blog. I can't maintain a public website about my Quest for G as per my contract. That made the Affinity blog a problem. Solution: make DraftingNYC private since no one reads it anyway.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Wednesday, Last Wednesday

My last race day at Kissena before I move was a good one. I did three races: unknown distance scratch, point-a-lap and two heats of chariots. I used an 88" gear for all three to work on leg speed.
The unknown distance scratch was the usual cat and mouse antics. I was planning on tail gunning, but you know how plans go. I was hiding out in back just letting everyone fight it out up front for five laps or so when I decided to better my position because I knew the sprint was coming eventually. I made some moves towards the front, not really pulling, going up when others pulled through. I was down in the sprinter's lane when one by one every other racer backed off leaving me at the front. I was ok with that, taking my turn, putting in my dues, just kinda putting along at a rather slow pace. But wouldn't you know it they rang bell after half a lap of me at the front, with a lap and a half to go before the finish. I didn't really react to the bell until turn four when I heard my teammate, Andrew Lacorte, behind me yelling "GO! Go! Go Alex, go!" I didn't even look back, just turned it up as hot as I could hoping to give Andrew a good leadout, which I did. Coming out turn four, again, he came up and blocked trying to give me the 2nd place but I was cooked, pedaling squares for the last 100 meters. I finished third, Gary Steinburg got second. I was happy with the contribution to my teammate's win.

The next race was a Point-A-Lap. Not really my kinda race. I rolled around for a bit, got caught behind the break. I made a few halfhearted attempts to bridge, but no one else was really willing to work with me so eventually I dropped out of the race.

I had two heats Chariots. Andrew was in both, and he won both. I didn't really have any plan or strategy, it's only 400 meters from a standing start. I started both high on the bank and planned using it accelerate those last few mph's. The first on Andrew razored me to the line and there was a significant gap between us and third place. The second heat had a Junior Nationals racer with us, Dan Sullivan, and he was my main concern; if I got Andrew that would be good, if not then what-evs. I went from the gun for the win. I got to the front going into turn 3 but Andrew drafted me and swung around with a big kick through turn 4, just blowing me away. I was pretty cooked but managed to hold on to a close second against Gary who managed to hold on to Andrews wheel across the line.

3rd place Omnium, 2nd in two Chariot heats and 3rd in an Scratch. Not bad!