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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter in the land of oaks.


4th place flying 2, 8th place kilo and 17th in the ISO. Not bad for a sprinter!
I race my first Elite National Match Sprints today. Starts at 4, live stream at
I race my first Elite National Keirin today. Starts at 4, live stream at
My first Elite nats is done. My performance was my best ever yet my results were stricly in the middle. Here's to mediocrity!
Now that the track racing season is over I can finally start loosing weight?
Body fat down 1.2 %, even after a strict, week long road trip diet of six dollar guacamole bacon burgers and double doubles animal style.
Finally made a Facebook fan page. Yes, it has gotten that bad.
I should really stop watching old man time trials on the interweb


Moving to Oakland tomorrow!
goodbye los angeles. hello oakland.
hella oakland
snoopy doggy dogg, yah needs to get a jobby job!
Crossfit Torrance 3pm today! Can't wait to get back to my roots!
5x5 245 # back squat, plus hanging out at the women's national track training camp. not a bad day.
so glad that I am done with LA. so happy to be living in the bay, finally, again.
the job hunt begins.
Santa Rosa
Back squat 255# 3x5, overhead press 145# 3x5, pull-ups 3xF (12,10,13)
If sleep is the cousin of death, what is a red-eye to JFK? If I am in New York State but my mind is in California is that death's long lost uncle? I am nauseated this Friday black.
I have swum with nine masters of dutch magicks.


w-burg post office line is moving surprisingly fast
salvation, have I met you! and your name is foam roller!
working at Pushbike, 24th and Treat St. today. Come say hi!
If you want egg nog, burritos, in & out or gears of war 2, call TCB I am your man!
easy rider, pepperoni stick, diet coke.
Check me out: I am webTV!
fuck you crossfit for making me too tired to get through my squats today. I didn't think a 20 min amrap of muscle ups and 135# power cleans would do me like that.
front squat 220# 3x5, dumbell bench press 100# 3x5, deadlift 345# 2x5
back squat 285# 3x5, overhead press 150# 3x5, weighted pull-ups 45# 3x6

Summer. Not my cup of tea.


palm pre doth suck. screen cracked for no good reason. took it back and got another centro
Skeletonwitch makes me hate myself for cutting my hair... in a good way.
would be the state champion of California if not for an unfortunate series of events, including not changing his district on his racing license. I might just have to fly back to NYC and race the states!
become a fan of james moontasri
I suggest everyone to buy stock in Second Skin.
become a fan of JAMES MOONTASRI
3 more months!!!!


Killing the team sprint with two separate teams on two separate weekends!
I needs me to gets offs this damns interwebs and rides me some bikes.
2nd place Keirin at the LA Velodrome Championships!
was riding in his pimp ship flying high
I met this pretty little missle, that shot me out the sky
at the hotay in co springs. gonna kill the sprints motherlovers!
2nd place seed at 11.040!
I won the semi final. Onward to the gold medal round. I am a killer!
silver..... I will just pretend it platinum.
2nd place baby old man short fast bike racer in the nation needs to spin his legs
3rd place team sprint 30+, 2nd fastest start lap at 25 second for a 333.
cannot get a cat 2 upgrade to save his life
Changing my focus to Kilo and Standing 250's
is doing his best to work through a very intense and complicated situation involving sports, bureaucracy, major corporate sponsorship and love
I am better than everyone else, I am a fucking Sex Pistol!
In LAX bound for JFK.
NYC rules over LA. Its nice to be back in Brooklyn.
I am putting my bike together. Fuck the rain.
Racing cancelled tonight. Damn.
We are going to race today?
I'm on the train, fuck the rain.
3rd place kilo, 2 second faster than last year!
correction: 2nd place kilo. 2 second improvement over last year with zero kilo training.
where others poison, you dismember
NY States! Gold Keirin, Silver Kilo & Match Sprints, Bronze Omnium!


Just like that, I'm gone!
at your fingertips
2nd place scratch at ADT FNR. 40.5 mph top speed. 8th place Cali States CBR crit. 36 mph top speed. 1st crit in 2 years!
Tokyo today!
Japan RULES, man. All that other CMWC punk fuck shit it doesn't belong in this world, it belongs on Mars, man! What the the hell is CMWC punk shit? And Madonna? She can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. She's a dick.
Guess who's the CMWC 2009 Goldsprint Champion? This guy right here....
Cycle Messenger World Sprint Champion 2009! Cycle Messenger World Goldsprint Champion 2009! 3rd place skids! Didn't Qualify for Main Race! Tokyo Ichiban!
Cleaned up at the Keiokaku Keirin Track. I won the Match Sprints (1st seed), the Keirin and the Scratch Race!
I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined I think of crime when I'm in a New York state of mind
What I am doing this week Monday: Recovery Ride Tuesday: Team Sprint practice Wednesday: International Omnium Thursday: Volunteering at the track Friday: Sprints Saturday: Keirin Sunday Team Sprints
My first Elite Nationals starts tomorrow at 4pm. Come through 'cause its free!
ISO so far: 4th place in the 200

Spring is sprung?


today I finished moving and bought a new computer. talk about eustress.
3 rounds, timed: 21 L pull ups, 4 12' rope ascents, 18:40
overdressed at prospect park
spin class, deadlifts 5x5 295#, superset weighted pullups/dips 45#, 55#, 60#. now its nappy time.
you see us comin and you all together run for cover
spin, squat, work, the wire, press, push, jerk
I just bought a food scale. when does this sports dorkiness end?
I just pet KAWS' dog. it was a beagle.
Going to Kissena today. Gonna soak up some sunshine.
spin class, deadlifts 5 rep ladder: 275#, 295#, 300#, 305#, 310#!!
I have come to the realization that resting is harder than working out. I think I am addicted to endorphins....
love my job. nothin' to do but chill in the park!
100 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats in 32 minutes 14 seconds.
deadlift 355# once
3rd in the Opening Day Omnium. Now I move. Again.
overhead press, 1 rep: 145#, 155#, 160# 160#, 165#, 165#, 170# fail!


1 week till LA fools!
In three and a half hours, I will never have to deliver food again! yeah!
front squat: 185, 215, 215, 225, 225
front squat 3 reps: 185, 215, 215, 225, 225
30 135# clean & jerks in 4:17. 20 G.I. Janes 1:22. 46" seated max jump.
my friend's dog totally did a 2 girls 1 cup on my dirty laundry today. it was gross.
it is margarita time
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, and fuck you, I'm out!
Dirving. So LA.
One week of TV Land down, 10 more to go. Soft tissue work today. OUCH!
Lookin' for love in LA, Craigslist style. Wow. I have just gotten some amazing gems of loneliness in my email box.
1st day on the 'drome, 1st day with my coach, gonna get coffee after training. Everything's commin up roses!
I love the LA velodrome! My coach is dope. I am living the dream, YO!
I genuinely love that Black Eyed Pees song Boom Boom Pow.
P.R'd on the track today. 11.9 on the flying 2! More of that to come.
2nd Place Match Sprints at the #farwest Championships @Encinovelodrome.
500m repeats behind the motor made me want to puke. Shared the track with Giddeon Massie. Very nice guy.
Heading out to the 'drome. I gots sprints with Jimmy Watkins today!
In the last day I have seen three DeLoreans and a Lamborghini with a bike rack. LA, I have arrived!


Today I trained with Sarah Hammer and Jimmy Watkins. I am so lucky.
The 'Fro had to go. I am now the proud owner of a mullet.
Let the roundups begin.
Mullet + Mustache
Traded the mustache for a palm pre

Oh my what a busy Winter! Thanks for the memories Facebook...

I just figured out how to look at all my status updates from the last year on the ol Facebook. I guess a lot has happened to me this year....

Here's the first quarter:


is 30
is high from a hang power clean personal record 190#!
is the shape of punk to come.
is taking care of bisness. everyday.
is simply is.
is flying v bass
is a big beyatch!
is all loosey goosey.....
is a degenerate magnate.
is a one rep max
's fly is open to his soul
is KYLESA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
's workout today is named after both his girlfriend and mother.
can't buy crust.
needs to borrow a 3 chip camcorder tonight. HELP ME!
wants to get a tattoo.


has one foot out the door.
is Beneath the Remains
spin class 6:30-7:30am, 245# deadlift (5 reps X 5 sets), delivery 9am-5pm, spin class 7-9pm
yay! rest day!
has to make another (!) audition tape
is fingers crossed
is pray for me ride amrap ride squats 245# 5x5 squats 245# 5x5. shed a tear for King Lake. Arson. So angry.
has his fingers crossed.
is seriously being considered for boot camp!
spent too much at Wiggles and didn't even get a lapdance.
left the strip club as his friends were about to smoke a joint backstage with the dancers.
failed at 300# too luke
threw a dart to pick his 13 tattooo (and get to the front of the line). Black Flag bars!
is hungover.
is new weightlifting shoes!
is a busy boy
rest days. so fricken boring. somebody, please, help me do something non-physical. please?
is bikesnobbed. I feel so cool!
I been bikesnobbed! I must be doing something right!
going to matchless to hang with the swiss
Boos don't cry
my roomate is wasted. she's keeping me & my swiss guest up. so she gets twittered
even better is the convo I just had with aden out my window.
awake of my own volition
200# clean, that's a p.r.!
class tonight at affinity 7-9
should i get ice cream? it's not paleo.
rob dyrdek is the andy warhol of skating
watching chris hoy crash is painful.
droppin' deuces like British Cycling in a Keirin
want to take a nappy but watching serpico instead
faucet ass
my lifeforce has been reduced to bacon, eggs and salad. bacon eggs salad. bacon eggs salad.
swiss guest: gone to boston. reading: 4 hr workweek. thinking: new dreamlines. listening: black sabbath. wondering: sober existential quandr
too much coffeeeeeeeeeee
wake up. eat jelly. teach spin class. do 5x5 255# deadlifts.
deadlifts were better than I expected: 255# 5 reps, 260# 5 reps 2 sets, 265# 5 reps 2 sets! Plus 70# weighted pullups, 2 reps 3 sets.
I keep being a dick at band practice. eating paleo makes your tolerence level drop. so much energy, but at what cost to the people around me
There I go being a dick again
I am going to boot camp! I just got the call.
boot camp beers at le barricou. then chicken hut mother hubbards!
put a shirt on baldie, you're violating health codes.
ヒバゴン/HIBAGON is our name. our 1st show is tonight at a loft party. 470 flushing. X Bones Brigade, Atakke, Cuddle Machines, Same-Sex DictatorThis status contains special characters. It won't display properly in the collage.
hibagon rocked no fault of mine so hungover
Hibagon's first show
the wire. b'more is f-ed
255# sqts 5x3 + wod: row 500m 95# push press rounds down ladder 21, 18, 15, 9
I just showed Suroosh from Vice mag the Quest for G. His response: "Are they paying you?"
175# push jerks
I love the new Real World.
sick, bored, resting up
there is a froot-booting gorilla attacking messengers in london
going to Peel Sessions to see who is in town. Then to bed. I gots to wakes up early to teach duh spin class early. The ladies love me!
spin class, deadlifts 275# 5x5, 70# weighted pullups 2x3, now on to breakfast.


bad lieutenant
in the woodshed practing my fiddle
HIBAGON Tonite at the Charleston! with Haunted Castle / Jail / cargo cult revival / Biclops!
going to band practice, then I am packing for bootcamp
so excited! all packed and ready. I am gonna kill it at boot camp!
LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MISSION G!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at LAX waiting for the PA to pick me up. Those darn PA's are never on time
Lookin for coffee at 6 o clock in the goddamn in Torrance CA.
G'd out. Hurry up and wait.
I made it! I am on the Quest for G!
Goin back to Cali, stylin, profilin Growlin and smilin, while in the sun. I'm goin back to Cali, Cali, Cali.
momma I'm commin home
's phone don't work in da mountains
at the smallest airport in the world on my way home to NYC.
Kicking myself for not eating at SFO. Food and shopping at the United terminal in LAX: S-U-X!
in just a week away from NYC, I missed SO much drama!
deadlifts, 5 reps: 255#, 265#, 275#, 285#, 290#!
slow at work.....
8am crossfit, eggs, nap. now I am ready to face the day.
making love to a foam roller.
text messaging is cool
fuck work
my butt don't lie
1 rm clean and split jerks, 5 sets: 188 #
wine drunk!?
the reward goes to alex teaching spin class at 6 am sponsored by red wine...
I had the best evening with my best friends. I love you all. I love NYC. I am surely goong to miss you.
paleo hangover spin class cure
so bored, npr isn't cutting it, going for a walk in the rain
teach spin, 5 rep deadlift pyramid: 275#, 280#, 285#, 290#, 275#. Now some sauna and eggs! TGIF!
choosing coaches: do I pick the olympic sprint coach or Kevin Bacon's stunt double from Quicksilver?
bored at work. need to not have a camera phone directly connected to facebook.
thirteen hours of bike messengering down, two to go!
Tough Love is my new favorite reality show.
Eastbound and Down
"You're just a vagina with a mullet... Peace pussy!" -Eastbound and Down
I race bikes.
I love I Love Money
front squats 5 sets 3 reps 205#
Front squats just went up to 225#
Front Squats are now 235# thanks to Luke. Way to drop the weight.
there is something very satisfying about dropping 235# on the floor.
stealing Araby's bike back just ruined my workout. Such a nice day too.
I love my friends. I come home to find my roommate jammin' with the guitarist in my band. Enjoy it while I can.
"good, good, let him die. what is he gonna do raise a family? heavy fucking metal!" Blake about Paul Ballof
my hangover cure: 2 spin classes, 100 pullups, 100 ring dips, 5x5 deadlifts (275/285/285/295/295#) 3x3 weighted pullups (45/50/55#)
everyone I know is a total party animal
I won fight gone bad. 273!
moving before moving. so zen.
I am a houseboy now.
i just saw some art and drank a beers

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